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This is a community for all things about animal breeding. A lot of people are against animal breeding, but there are those of us who are responsible about it and want a safe place to discuss our experiences without being flamed.

If you have a question, concern, comment, etcetera, please send an e-mail to animalbreeders@gmail.com for the fastest response. All the maintainers check this e-mail account on a regular basis.

As the moderator of this community, I promise to keep things under control so no one is flamed for their breeding practices or beliefs, and hopefully and eventually make this an active community on Livejournal.

Here I would like to hold animal related icon contests, picture contests, various animal/breeding related polls, and other fun things for the members.

Please do not hesitant to join, this community can only take off with your help. But because of this controversial subject, all memberships must be approved. Don't worry; I'm online every day, so you'll be approved or denied within 24 hours. Be civil to others and no trolling!

Some ideas on what to post:

Pictures of your animals
Stories about your animals
All animal/breeding related questions
Breeding jokes
Upcoming breeding related programs on television
Animal related livejournal icons
Your animal breeding related web site
Ads for animals that are for sale
Upcoming animal show dates
Animal show pictures
Open suggestions on anything (how to improve things, etc.)

And most of all have fun!


The Rules

1. Be nice to each other.

2. You do not need to use an LJ-cut when posting photos. People with slower connections, if they wish, can give the board a few seconds to load the complete text and then hit "stop" at the top of their browser. This will stop the pictures from loading. If they wish to a view a picture, they can right-click on the red X and select "Show picture". This will make people with fast connections, and slow connections, happy and will allow people to display photos of their animals without having to hide them behind text.

3. Please no advertisements for other communities. There are specific communities that are there for the sole purpose of advertisements.

4. No two people are gonna take care of/house/feed their animals the same way. A lot of people view their animals as breeding stock. Others, as individuals or personal pets. We need to respect each others' view on this. Each personal view on ownership will be different. It doesn't make it wrong as long as the animals are humanely cared for.

5. Ads for sale will be required to be done in a professional manner. A good example would be "For sale: One (type of animal). Complete pedigree. Out of registered, purebred breeding stock. Showable." A bad example: "I'm selling Fluffy because I am replacing him with Miffy."

6. Any members listing another member on stupidpetowners for ANY reason will get an automatic ban.

7. Trolling and anti-breeding posts will get you banned.

8. Harassing another member of the community will get you a warning. If you persist, you will be banned.

9. At animalbreeders, we realize that some people raise and keep animals as food, show, breeding, and/or pets. "Animals as food" discussions are welcome, but should be discussed in a professional, nonoffensive manner. Be courteous to each other when it comes to those issues. In a breeding community, they are bound to come up, and not everyone is going to agree with them. We realize it can be offensive to some and nonoffensive for others. Be courteous when/if they arise.

10. The goal of this community is to help out and promote proper education on animal breeding. And to help out those that are interested in breeding animals so they can be helped to get off to a good start. There's enough false anti-breeding information circulating around Livejournal as it is without us spreading more. We want to prove to the world that not all breeders are bad.

11. Last but not least: Have fun. And don't worry about posting something and being called a "bad breeder" or being trolled for it. If there is a problem, the moderators will handle it. Also, friendly debate is always welcome here. :-)


Animal Breeding - Covers a wide variety of topics, including housing and best conditions
The Pet Project - care, behavior, experts, homeopathy, and forums
Pet Education - Drs. Foster and Smith's articles for expert pet information
Snik Snak - dog and cat resources
Petfinder - pet adoption; can be a good resource for finding homes for your animals
Practical Pet Care - ask your pet questions


Keep Animals Healthy - A website about animal health care
Veterinary Information Service - health care for cats and dogs
Healthy Pet - FAQs and vet locations
Whole Pet Vet - holistic health care
Holistic Blend - holistic health care and diets
Pet Owners Guide to Poisons - common household toxins for pets


Care Credit - financial aid for medical needs
Emergency Clinic Locator - shelters, clinics, and veterinarians
Animal Poison Hotline - in case of a poisoning emergency
Whisper in the Heart - coping with pet loss

Other Helpful Communities:


Rabbit links

dixons rabbitry -Information site about rabbits and breeding.

ARB.net -American rabbit breeders website.

bunnyrabbits.org -Rabbit care, breeding, pet ownership, rescue.

Pine shavings -information about pine shavings as bedding.

The rabbit web -Excellent source of information for rabbit and cavy breeding. Breeders forum.

Dog Links
Border Collies - includes merchandise, links for breeders, & shows
AKC Border Collie Breed Page
AKC German Sheperd Breed Page
I'll add more links as I think of them or they are suggested.

Moderators: nabba and jnlldxn
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