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i havent been around for a while so im going to do a lovely big… - The Discussions of Animal Breeders [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 23rd, 2006|07:36 pm]
Animal Breeders


i havent been around for a while so im going to do a lovely big update with lots of pics!!!!!

i made some snazzy new mouse cages. theyre alot lighter and easier to move than the glass tanks i had. they also cost alot less. i can make a few for the same price as one tank and lid. so, now im selling my old cages. anyone in Western Australia interested in some 30litre aquariums with mouse lids, at a good price, leave a comment :)

im actually going on a road trip tomorrow to deliver some young mice i bred as an order for someone (we take turns at driving to each others places, shes got a black blazed buck for me and a cute little girl too, ill post pics of them when i get them), and im selling them a few of my snazzy new cages too, since they think theyre cute LOL. ive been making them all lastnight and today and my fingers REALLY hurt. i plan to replace ALL my tanks and small cages (that means i need about 15 for myself) :)

on sunday i have a lady and her children coming over to look at my manxes and pick out a boy. (business is GOOD, but im resisting making more litters then i plan, since you never know when theres a slump.) last tuesday i dropped off an order of 6 females and 4 males to the local TAFE campus (to train vet nurses how to sex and care for small animals - i did the course already so i know theyll be loooked after andi have visiting rights YAY)), that put a huge dent in my stock for sale. so i have 3 little mice left :P

i had a litter from my lovely black self girl, who is the daughter of my wonderful Looshkin who some of you may remember (shes in my icon actually), but her cagemate ate all but one - who only survived because i found it and took out the cannibal. then blackie lost her milk and the little one never had a milk tummy.

by this time, the other girl had a litter of four - 3 pink eye and one dark eye... and shes looking after then really well. i found the little one cold and hungry and decided that it was going to die if i didnt foster, so i had to take the chance that the other mouse might eat it. but no, shes now looking after the little one better than i ever expected. the next day after i put it in there it had a big fat milk tummy and i was REALLY happy :) how ironic hey.

well, these babies are really big now, just a few days old, and ill put in a picture. theyre as big as the top two parts of my little finger!!

i put in Cheza, my blue girl, and my agouti girl (no names yet) in to mate with my blue marked texel boy Bluey. i am really looking forward to these litters. im going to use them to make blue agoutis, somehting we dont really get around here, ill likely be one of the only people with them. next its lilacs (as in b/b d/d mice not B/* D/* p/p). ahhh so much to write so little time. well, i better shut up and let you all get on with gushing at pictures :)

x posted to other mouse forums and my journal.

this is the buck named Tyler that im delivering.

and there are 3 does as well:

a black tan banded manx

a kinda even but uneven marked (theres one extra spot on the side you cant see) black rex

and a lovely dark dove marked rex.


the babies i mentioned, see how BIG they are. the one with fur is the fostered one. its a silver bub, i hope its a girl, but ill be keeping it anyway. the other ones are some new blood mixed with my original blood. the mum is an albino longhair and the dad is my black broken marked rex.

heres some random pictures of my mice:

cheza playing with a marble.

oh, my cat loves to catch mice. and i mean LOVES.... to catch and bring me mice (she tell me she has them by talking at me with a grunting kind of voice). she gets AT LEAST 2 a day (since we got our puppy the other day shes been with a mouse almost constantly, i think shes trying to get our attention, lucky for the mice she doesnt kill them though we had an accident today and she was stalking one and jumped and it died instantly). look what i saw sitting in the door railing up above my head the other day... its like its looking down at me hehehe.

and heres some little ones that got snapped up right away. they were really sweet mice, very very friendly. i kept a fawn one that turned sable and shes a lovely dark colour now. oh i adore her to bits.

these are a few of the cages i made. i even matched the colours on the little strappy bits.

the smaller carry cages/isolation cages. the pink has a few gnaw marks, but is in otherwise good condition. the blue and white (there are 2) are in as new condition and have wheels attached to the sides.

the old glass tanks, all in very good condition: there are 5 that are 30 litre (top) and 2 that are about 20 litre (bottom) or something round there.

[User Picture]From: monkau
2006-09-29 06:38 am (UTC)
some places have shows, theyre bigger in the eastern states, but theyre getting more poplar here, in western australia, too :)
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