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[Jun. 27th, 2006|06:24 pm]
Animal Breeders


I went to the new petstore. And I came home with this guy...

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Someone had dumped off a really nice looking show bun on her, claiming that he was a pet. And they just didn't want him anymore. She was having trouble finding him a home because hes a six month old mini lop. So she asked me if I wanted him. I took him.

Now this is one of the good pet stores. They do sell bunnies. But from what I have seen they do fully research what they have, what breed it is, if its a mix, how big it will get, and thoroughly educate their customers about them on care and stuff. All the bunnies are sold by breed and quality. She deals with alot of 4hers that use their pet bunnies as show rabbits for the fair. So shes focusing on getting in better then just pet quality run of the mill bred rabbits(mixed breeds), and proper animal education. The whole store is very clean, and the cages and aquariums are not over crowded like most other stores. They also let their animals out so they(her kids) can socailize and play with them.

I was absolutely in love with this womans grey double maned lion head she had. She had him out and was grooming him while I was there.